Albergo Diffuso #64: Piazza Armerina


Piazza Armerina is known as the “city of mosaics”, it is placed almost in the perfect centre of the Sun Land, at the bottom of that astonishing as well as not valorized enough, Italian Boot. Sicily and its inland are a clear example of how the Italian historical and cultural heritage needs concrete projects, but most of all  they are a clear example of how the villages of this region can enclose treasures of unique value in the world. Today we are going to visit the “city of mosaics”, walking along its narrow streets, its noble palaces, its ancient houses, the 4 medieval quarters and the unmissable Palio dei Normanni.

Upon the high grounds of the Erei Mounts, the Cathedral overlooks the whole city and its unique Baroque style buildings that stretch along the narrow streets. They are silent during the central part of the day, while noisy and full of life during the evenings and the celebrations that unite the whole village. It is right from the beauties of this hamlet that was born an idea of Ospitalità Diffusa, called Home Hotels. A meticulous and accurate restoration of ancient buildings of the city is what characterize these hospitality structures, made to guarantee to its guests the chance to get in touch with Piazza Armerina real life, to know its people, its boutiques and celebrations.

Four Homes, each one is composed by one or two suites, placed in different parts of the village, but all associated by a modern, elegant and refined style. Stone houses with the original Cotto-tile floors that combine ancient furnitures with modern design objects. Guests can enjoy a unique and particular atmosphere. From some of the suites it is possible to have a look all over the city, from others it is possible to get in touch with people, listening to the noise in the streets. For relax lovers, some suites have an internal court, in which people can isolate from the rest of the world and enjoy the comfort of this old houses.

A land particularly rich of interesting places to visit, Piazza Armerina is not far from some of the most beautiful cities in the world: Ragusa, Agrigento, Taormina, Siracusa and the incredible Villa del Casale, a Unesco World Heritage. An unexpected Sicily proposed by Home Hotels, that combines ancient with modern style in a creative and interesting mixture, always offering the chance to its visitors, to feel completely part of the history as well as the future.


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