A leap in historic contemporaneity: the Fundació Enric Miralles


“Enric Miralles was an inventor, a strategist, he was generous, educated, he reconciled the complexity of a good architect and that of an extraordinary person.” Benedetta Tagliabue describes her husband that way, an architect famous all over the world, who founded with her the studio EMBT and in 2011 she opened the doors of the Fundació Enric Miralles. It is an experimental space open to all those who want to take part to it, a space where to enrich a shared frame of mind and to draw from Miralles’ source of inspiration, which is still alive. Getting in and crossing the courtyard this creative drive is contagious, the feeling is that of being welcomed in an intimate place, rich in inspiration, in depth of thought and creative drive infecting those entering there.
In the over 500 sq mt evocative space well-lighted most by natural light, the Foundation has an archive with the different works by Enric Miralles where one can appreciate and study both his work and….

Continues on The Passanger by Manuel Ritz

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