Albergo Diffuso #68: Paliano


So much sheltered behind that hill, that it doesn’t even allow the cars to pass through the tangled narrow streets. Paliano is a small village between Ciociaria and the Abruzzo border, dominating the high Valley of Sacco, surrounded by rounded hills, oak woods, olive trees and vineyards. Its faith has always been tied to the Catholic church history until XV century when Colonna family acquired it, becoming part of their never-ending feuds.The peculiarity of its urban plan it is clear even today and Paliano proudly shows in all its beauty with the ancient walls of the city and the three entrance doors. Once visitors walk into the entrance door, they enter the labyrinth made of alleys, narrow streets and small squares, showing their most fascinating side.

From the ancient houses of the village, the Albergo Diffuso Terrae Paliani was created, with the seven accommodations spread all along the village historical centre. The reception is placed at the entrance of the hamlet. All the accommodations once were owned by locals and they still maintain today their original spirit of the past. At their arrival, guests are welcomed in the reception and then accompanied by the Albergo Diffuso staff to their habitations. Every house has its name to remember a particular story of the village or important elements of Southern Italy history.

Paliano is located in a very interesting position, not only for the historical heritage, but also for the natural and cultural elements that surround the village. For example, the Selva di Paliano is a natural reserve where people can go for walks, trekking, horse-riding, birdwatching or simply to admire the beauty of Roman hills. The locality Colle Gianturco indeed, it is the starting point for the Southern Via Fracigena itinerary that crosses the whole Paliano territory, passing through some of the most beautiful monuments of the country, between catacombs, monasteries, sanctuaries and centuries old woods.

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