Emilio Pucci dress Kartell and Bisazza


When fashion meets design the result is, in most cases, very good and makes us understand how these two disciplines often are able to complete each other. The clearest example during the recent Design Week was Emilio Pucci present with two important partnerships. But first go in order.
The iconic transparent chair of Kartell, Madame, dressed with colorful fabrics Pucci becoming even more elegant and fun at the same time. The theme of the fabrics are abstract representations of the city in which you will find some of the flagship store in particular Paris Avenue Montaigne, the Spanish Steps in Rome , New York Madison Avenue and New York Fantasia.

Also the new Bisazza mosaics were infected by the patterns and colors of the maison. Taking details of some textures as the iconic floral “Alba” in strong and bright tones or “Amelie”, built on six panels, in aqua green shades on black and white background. ” Onde” refers to the drawings of a scarf edited in 1969 inspired by the sea. Further three new panels handmade according to the technique of opus tessellatum, instead of resume printed fabrics “Collane” 1971, “Fontana” of 1968 and “Vivara” of 1976.

The next event to write down will be the exhibition that recall the years of the link between Emilio Pucci and the textile industry of the city of Como, from 1950 to 1980, scheduled from May 7 to October 31 at Villa Sucota, organized by MuST (Textile Studio Museum) and Fondazione Antonio Ratti.

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