The Passenger | Denmark with Alessandro Antinelli


Denmark is pure avant-garde. I started supposing it many years ago after a first “taste” of Copenhagen, and I was certain about it in September 2013 when my work compass sent me to the Jutland peninsula for 11 days. Volleyball European Championships a compact and intense competition, less than two weeks and a path to be establish along the run depending on the results of the Italian national team. Just like saying you head to a town and the rest, including the date of your coming back will be found out just on the way. I must admit it, to me leaving like this is the top of the adventure and then, considering than Denmark is a small country and my partner and I, Andrea Lucchetta (the one with a slanting haircut in the 90s but also in the 2000s) head to the small Billund airport and rent an electric car as, lesson n1 of the Danish, you build the beauty of a country by starting from ecology and the respect for the environment. Billund, Billund, Billund… once I went there heading to the very far Far Oer islands.

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