Y-3 ADV SS14

“It ‘s very interesting to tell the general public what you feel inside . ”

-Peter Saville –

Y-3 for the advertising campaign next spring and summer has involved one of the most imaginative art-director and eclectic viewer of the world : Peter Saville creator already projects for big bands .

Focus on hyper- colorful artwork based on the digital world as already evidenced by the SS14 collection of clothes, ” Meaningless Excitement ” is 360 ° creativity that sets a tone of criticism and praise to the digital world that is reflected in the continuing search for new, “next big thing”; Saville poses questions about life in the fragmented digital and how it is reflected in the fashion world and does so with a kaleidoscope of colors and surreal images fragmented accompanying Y-3 in the coming season.

A presentation of the ” Meaningless Excitement ” that operates on multiple fronts , from digital to print, to become a documentary movie that tells how was born the inspiration and how the project has been realized ; ” Meaningless Excitement THE MOVIE – In conversation with Peter Saville ” supports creativeness by Peter Saville and presents the guideline of the new collection of Yamamoto for Adidas: acid green that tells a hyper space made of non-places . Here the docu -movie.

A path between creative designer , art director and sports brand that launches suggestions and renews the vision of the sports luxe fashion .

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