Albergo Diffuso #70: Tresnuraghes


Few kilometers away from Bosa and Santu Lussurgiu, in one of the most precious areas of Sardinia, between old vineyards, ancient bell towers, clear waters and small villages, Tresnuraghes rises up, facing both the seaside and cultivated hills, the old traditions and the incentive towards modernity. It is crossed by one of the most interesting bike itineraries of the whole country that drives travelers to discover the incredible and precious villages of the island, passing through pure and wild natural landscapes, so different from each others that it seems to be moving to different countries, all in once. Tresnuraghes keeps all the beauty and the charm of Sardinia by merging rough nature with cultivated lands of Montiferru, enriching every single view with a unique background: the pure and clear waters of Sardinia seaside.

Tresnuraghes is not just in a strategic location to reach all the most interesting places of the island, but it also keeps inside its city centre some extremely fascinating architectural and historical elements. Between the alleys, ancient houses, small churches, bell towers and elegant gardens, Villa Asfodeli represents a fundamental part of local history. It is a smart liberty style villa, restored maintaining with a great knowledge the original plasters, the decorating elements and the floors, offering the chance to experience one again the atmosphere and the secrets of local lifestyle. There are several rooms and each one has got its own particularity: most of them is right inside the villa, with a seaside or a countryside view. Some other rooms are located inside the elegant garden, they are characterized by wooden ceilings and wrought iron beds. Then, there are the ones inside the traditional houses of the centre, these are more simple and less elegant but they perfectly embody the real essence of the village.

It is an experience that satisfies all the types of interest, from the trekking across the Montiferru and Marragiu with the chance to have lunch with local shepherds, to the horse riding tours, passing through the beauties of Macchia Mediterranea. For all seaside lovers, there is the chance to take part to sailing trips, to go snorkeling but most of all, to visit some of the most unknown and wild beaches of the island. Of course, we cannot forget gastronomy that represents not only a great value to the tourism experience, but a fundamental part of local culture. Culinary traditions accompany all the religious and civil feasts, becoming one of the greatest attractions of the village. Villa Asfodeli offers the chance to discover an incredible part of Sardinia, that few people know and that nobody will forget.


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