For what we are born, Edward?


The man of today isn’t what we believe. Opens in this way the exhibition at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, which celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Edward Munch’ birth. Not a masterpiece, if I’m honest, one exhibition a little’ corner with good but not great loans, various but scattered. Nevertheless, we bow in front of Edward, there were silenced, bends our head in front of his paintings (and we can get lost for good minutes). And see ourselves spend our whole life ahead. Because Edward Munch starts from the finish. What does this mean? He starts from the point at which all arrive: the human soul.

Yes, training has it he also between naturalistic and impressionist experiments before, Van Gogh inspirations later, but the Norwegian artist begins his first exhibition to go upstream. Will that he soon begins to suffer from a degenerative eye disease that causes himself hallucinations, or only that comes before the others, Munch law reality through the key to understanding human emotional. The whole of society, the great present changes and imbalances you read through human screams, admirable portraits that come out from the painting, turbid vampires. Munch on paintings translates this fear of life, a malaise that aspires to give a shape to human flesh, its feel, its life. For what we were born? Edward to make timeless the image’s soul.

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