Brenna Murphy: everything flows


You know when in rows and rows of mathematical exercises, then, it all adds up, you have a result, and put a point? You know when in your head you have the utter confusion but you know exactly where to go and what to do? The concept is one that says that even in the chaos gets out a story, a meaning, something concrete. The philosophical concept is a bit ‘more complicated: it’s the substance of reality that flows through all things. Brenna Murphy starts from Taoist philosophy to give meaning to her latest artistic project that links the power of the digital medium to simple moments captured from reality.

It shows by Milan’s Gloria Maria Gallery on his website directly online, openly for everyone. The result is a stream of repeated frames, sometimes uneven, of natural locations and digital graphics that create a hypnotic effect. The digital and the physical reality in Brenna Murphy represent two aspects of the same cosmic entity that interact through a complex cognitive system. What she looks for? Physics in digital, digital to physical. How does she looks? Through art, which represents the vehicle-corridor with which she titled her work.

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