Albergo Diffuso #73: Sant’Angelo Limosano


Everything started from the love for their land, where his mum was born and then she left because of business affaires, but she had never forgotten its purity and authenticity. Everything started after many years lived in one of the most chaotic cities of the world, which is London, between double deckers, yellow cabs and banks. But they always missed those sensations you can only feel when you still live in authentic places, where appearance doesn’t matter and where only true emotions are important. In this way Giulio and Mary decided to radically chance their lives, from the never-sleeping London to Molise, in that almost unknown spot, called Sant’Angelo Limosano.

To describe their new home, Giulio and Mary chose Cesare Pavese’s words, that express better than anything else in the world, what living in a Italian village really means: “Living in a village means never being alone, it means that there is something special in people and in nature that also belongs to you and when you are not there, it still waits for you”. From Tremiti Islands to Majella, Molise is a almost forgotten middle-earth but Sant’Angelo Limosano can offer unique and beautiful views and landscapes, some of the best you can ever see in our country, everything in its perfect simplicity, in which every single element is perfectly calibrated to keep the historical memory of Italy.

Giulio and Mary moved to Molise and they acquired an ancient palace from the ‘700, transforming it into the marvelous Albergo Diffuso Perbacco. It was born from the love for wines, good cuisine and hospitality. Two buildings with 8 rooms, 7 of them have the name of Sant’Angelo’s districts and one has the name of the Patron Saint of the village. The selection of wines is the core of the AD, with a a large choice of 50 types from Italy and most of all from Molise, that combines with traditional regional dishes, made with local excellent ingredients. Staying at the Albergo Diffuso Perbacco is like feeling at home again ,even if it is the first time you arrive in Molise. Experiencing Perbacco means to taste village lifestyle, which richer than any capital in the world.

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