Places #3_Sirmione


Sirmione, a small romantic town, is a characteristic peninsula on theLakeofGarda, with small sunny beaches and breath-taking panoramas, health spas, Roman ruins, medieval buildings and vineyards.
Sirmione has a very ancient history. It has been inhabited since the Neolithic and later it became an important commercial and cultural center under theRoman Empire. One of the most important historical sites of Sirmione are the Grotte di Catullo, ruins mistakenly thought to be the house of the great Latin poet: it is true that Catullus lived in Sirmione, but no one knows where.

This succession of eras and cultures has left an indelible mark on the geography and architecture of the city, and it is this mixture of styles that makes the place so special. The entrance to the town is marked by the massive fortress of theScaligerCastle, surrounded by the lake’s blue water, it creates a strong impact and the impression that you have is to enter in a medieval village.
In the inside the town is a pleasant maze of narrow streets bursting with shops displaying colourful pottery , scented soaps , paintings, and the typical products of Garda, for example oil produced from the many olive trees that grow on the slopes and the hills surrounding the lake.

Sirmione has always been known as a spa resort, since Roman times, but only at the beginning of last century the first true spa center was created for body care: Terme di Catullo (Piazza Virgilio 1, Sirmione), are in the old centre of town.
A long series of pipes carries the water from the springs on Monte Baldo to the several spas. These are sulphurous waters which, due to the presence of many elements, become extremely healing for the airways, the muscular apparatus and skin care.

You can go atLidodelle Bionde (, between the olive trees, you can drink coffee, make a stop enjoying the view or sunbathe on the rocks.
Or You take a lunch at Trattoria Clementina (Piazza F. Rovizzi, 13); the menu is simple, with typical local products, such as handmade pasta, radish wrapped with bacon and apple pie. You enjoying a day relaxing and take care to themselves.

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