The Passenger | The Art of Bicycle


Italians, people of saints, poets, sailors and cyclists. It would be better to say frame builders since the use of the bicycle in the beautiful Country is not among the most popular in Europe.
For sure one of the most useful means of transportation, to extricate themselves in metropolitan jungles, finds in Italy real masters in the creation of bicycles. Today we decided to introduce you some of these people and why their “creatures” became famous not only in Italy but all over the world:

Founded in 1945 by Marcello Faggin in Udine, this name would soon become synonymous with quality and precision. In 1947 he moved to the renowned workshop in Via Padova Filiasi, the city where he still produces the famous frames Faggin handmade. The Faggin was from the beginning a real family business, in which the attention to detail could be perfectly combined with the high craftsmanship…

Continues The Passenger by Manuel Ritz

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