If the “atypical” summer in the city where the heat is alternating downpours has put a strain on your mind-body balance, then it is time to regenerate from inside.
Dedicate a spa treatment to deal with renewed energy in the next metropolitan weeks. Rosemary Mint treatment of Wellness & SPA Park Hotel Ai Cappuccini in Gubbio could suit you.

It takes 55 minutes to enjoy a refreshing and invigorating treatment that stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. The body is wrapped in a bandage to dry after being exfoliated and hydrated. The essence of rosemary and peppermint awaken your senses, creating a synergy with the heat that is being developed.

While the body regenerates, feet and head are treated with balancing maneuvers to rebalance the entire body. Feelings that deserve to be tested in the first person and that are enhanced by the natural setting in which it stands this charming Wellness & SPA.

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