Pharrell Williams X UNIQLO


Pharrell Williams takes it all , after the news of a collaboration with Adidas now the most versatile artist of the year and is engaged in launching a new project involving the design of t- shirts as main news.

Pharrell Williams meets Uniqlo , the Japanese basic clothing retail  and creates a collaboration that is mainly based on the philosophy of Williams enclosed in “i am OTHER” or a way of life that ranges from music to film to TV to touch the fashion where everyone is free and creative. A way of being and expression that the singer conveys the UT tees – T-shirt symbol of the brand – using eye-catching graphics and slogans such as -Unilike any other- or -the same is lane- where the message is positive in terms of how it should be a quality clothing.

Uniqlo is perfectly suited to the collaboration and is bringing forth models for men , women and caps in a collection of 26 models that will be available in stores and online from April 14.

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