Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed: REVERSE LAB.


Nothing’s created, nothing’s lost, everything’s transformed. The Reverse’s boys continue to grind street and waste. For those not familiar, Reverse is a cultural reality in Verona young, creative, eco-friendly, made up of a lot of smart guys. If you ask what they do, they answer that “give way to the brave little worlds” of their economically and socially territory. They went from organizing cultural events and workshops to promote and foster a critical look at the theme of environmental sustainability linked to the realities of their territory. They came to produce furniture items and interior fit out, private and shared more. But how do they do it? The underlying philosophy remains the same: starting from production waste companies, intercepting part of the deviation of output from the business, to give a new perspective to the materials.

Born in 2010, the guys have come a long way. Stands are many, many productions commissioned too, from Reverse Lab Association was founded Reverse enterprise, which is focused more on the latter producing furniture with scrap materials used in an alternative way.

I have met and known them, at the last Art Verona 2014, where they presented a consolidated project and a new layout. The consolidated project was created for the Independents section dedicated to collective artistic and cultural associations from all over Italy, which led to the design of the furniture for the fair in collaboration with Amia and the New Art School Nani Boccioni. And then there were stairs going up to the top, and they were all different and strange. The ultimate creative set-up made in Reverse start from a reflection on ours lives, lived in a constant state of balance between community and personalization. Are the scales of life that each of us is to go and don’t know where it will lead: there’s the obstinate’s stair, the individualist’s, the undecided’s.

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