I live Italy: Italy on the screen


How many times when we go back to our home-town village we think “if only people knew about this place”. How many times we stopped to observe the beauty of landscape of our grandparent’s place. We all know Italy is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the matter is that until today, the whole world knows only one third of our cultural heritage.

In truth, the richness of Italy resides in all those unexplored or unknown places, that still maintain their real character, not only about the beauty of views or the preciousness of artistic heritage, rather in all those details of everyday life, such as mrs. Lina that bakes a wonderful bread, the wife of the grocer that cooks the most tasty tortelli of the village or the woodworker that still makes the same wooden masks of his grandfather. There are about 8 thousand stories to tell, one for each Italian municipality.

Telling what living Italy really means: “I live Italy” is the video making contest promoted by Traipler, Canon and Manfrotto that is calling all the professional or amateur video makers to realize productions about unexplored Italy, about those corners of our country that only local people perfectly know.

“I live Italy” is a territorial marketing project aiming to become a meeting point between young creatives and destination management companies or small tour operators taking advantage of this chance to communicate their business.

There is only one rule: be creative and not common, introduce extraordinary but unknown locations, propose a captivating experience in which appears the meaning of “living Italy”. Video makers can submit their productions from Septermber 10th to Novembre 30th and there are 4 categories: sport and adventure; festival and events; nature and relax; culture and faith. A digital and sensitive journey across the undiscovered corners of our country, to explore the real preciousness of our regions.

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